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Sports We Teach




We believe in keeping kids active and developing a love of sport from an early age. Our fun and energetic approach delivered by expert coaches in a safe and fun environment, allow children aged 1-5 years old to discover sport while developing their fundamental motor skills, confidence and social skills.

All of our programs are:

  • Held indoors throughout the school year
  • 45 minute sessions including warm-up and cool-down
  • Non-competitive with an emphasis on teamwork
  • Sports change every two weeks to keep kids engaged and motivated
  • Over 70 locations throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland!

And a Kelly Mini's pack (including team uniform) is provided with each registration making your child part of the Mini’s Team.

Our class structure includes:

  • Group warm-up music exercise
  • Clear demonstrations and instructions to the children and parents to complete simple tasks that introduce the core skills for each sport
  • Break-out sessions throughout the class enable parents to play with their kids individually while completing these new activities
  • All the learnt skills are combined to play a group activity in that sport
  • Group cool-down with music and gentle exercise


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